Petition: President Obama, respect the will and state rights of the people of Washington and Colorado!

President Obama, Don't forget

Ask President Obama to respect the right of the states of Washington, Colorado and all the states that have legalized medical marijuana

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As the drug policy debate moves to the US congress after the historic approval of marijuana legalization in the States of Colorado and Washington, we must keep the pressure. Stand firm for the defense of the newly gained right of the people of Colorado and Washington, as well as those of all the medical marijuana states. Add your name to this petition and it will be delivered to the White House.

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Jeffrey Dhywood
Investigative writer
Author of “World War D – The Case against prohibitionism, roadmap to controlled re-legalization”
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Author: Jeffrey Dhywood

Jeffrey Dhywood is a European-born investigative writer, lecturer and public speaker, drug policy analyst, author of "World War D – The Case against prohibitionism, roadmap to controlled re-legalization" Jeffrey Dhywood holds a degree in Mathematical logics (Model Theory). He lived 20 years in the US and is currently living in Latin America. He is also very familiar with Asia, which gives him a good grasp of the global dimension of the War on Drugs, and its global failure. His academic background and his direct experience allows him to bring common sense and sanity to an issue often mired in confusion, misconceptions and preconceptions.

12 thoughts on “Petition: President Obama, respect the will and state rights of the people of Washington and Colorado!”

  1. Guatemala will continue to spiral down into deeper and deeper depths of corruption unless the USA end the limitless fortune available to drug traffickers. Entire countries in Latin America are going out of control and will evolve into strong enemies against the values that the United States was founded upon unless this war ends. Cultivate allies next door not assassins and orphans!

  2. My governments job is to protect and defend the constitution of my United States of America, to protect the liberties of its citizens, and to present policy that maximizes the safety, minimizes the violence, encourages economic growth, removes obstacles that inhibit our rights, and help us create and maintain a healthy environment to raise our children. The illegal drug war does none of that. The illegal drug war was introduced and maintained by self interested corporate criminals to protect their own industries. In the interest of the health of our citizens, economy, and people’s around the globe this stranglehold on liberty, and the lies that perpetuate it must stop now, or we will inevitably pay an even more disastrous price, till it has been brought down by its own weight and dysfunction.

  3. State’s rights are O.K. when states are RIGHT, and in the case of cannabis & the war on drugs, these two states were RIGHT! Please Mr. Obama, follow your heart on this one and LEGALIZE EVERYWHERE! Peace!

  4. The war is far from over and it is the feds who are a small minority. The people have seen beyond all the lies. It is a government of the people and for the people. Cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet. Food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine insight. Way back in 1972 the Shafer Commission held extensive hearings on marijuana and determined that it was not such a threat, that adults should be able to use the plant in the privacy of their homes and that distribution of a small amount should not be a crime.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Alexander
      I am trying to build a coalition as we speak to get various organizations behind this initiative. We can then approach AVAAZ. It is easy to start a petition on AVAAZ, but it is difficult to get their support. Without their support, the vast majority of petition fizzle.
      Don’t forget, the election results came just 36 hours ago! Building coalitions take time but I thought it was important to get the ball rolling right away.

  5. Mr. President,

    Please step up to the plate and stand firm on respecting the rights of citizens to use Cannabis.

    Thank you for your Admirable service as President to Americans

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