Petition: President Obama, respect the will and state rights of the people of Washington and Colorado!

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President Obama, respect the will and state rights of the people of Washington and Colorado!

President Obama,


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After a truly historic day, the States of Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana by double-digits margin. This is definitively a major victory for the drug policy reform movement in a year that has seen amazing progress on the world scene.

While we have all reasons to celebrate, the fight is far from over and we must be ready to stand firm for the defense of the newly gained right of the people of Colorado and Washington. Add your name to this petition and it will be delivered to the White House.

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Tweet the following message: President @BarackObama we urge you to respect the will + state rights of the people of states of Washington + Colorado!

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On November 6th, we turned the tide and won a major battle. We must now win the war. For that, we need to be proactive rather than reactive.

Thank you for your support

Jeffrey Dhywood

Investigative writer,
author of “World War D – The Case against prohibitionism, roadmap to controlled re-legalization”

Law Enforcement Against Prohibtion


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10 Responses to Petition: President Obama, respect the will and state rights of the people of Washington and Colorado!

  1. Bryon Lape says:

    Silly States. Don’t they know the 10th amendment is dead????

  2. Dear Mr. President,
    I hope you will further take into consideration, the impact of CIA covert MK-ULTRA human
    experimentation upon thousands of american and canadian children, and that by the legalization of marijuana, can these victims survive this criminal assault and battery by the US government.

  3. Joel Dalais says:

    Believe in the people and the people will believe in you.

  4. Zan Valliant says:

    Please have the courage to abolish the War on Drugs as it has functioned thus far and legalize drugs that we can pay off the deficit with the revenue it will generate. It is obvious to all levels of society that prohibition of canabis has failed. Be the leader we need to turn this failure into a more fair and beneficial use of national resources. Respectfully, Zan

  5. Joel Bowden says:

    The prohibition against Alcohol caused much more harm than good, everyone agrees with that now. I believe the same is true about marijuana. Too many lives are ruined over something that is generally believed to be no more harmful than alcohol.

  6. Gustavo de Greiff says:

    Mr. President: Please fulfill what you said some time ago about not going against places that sell marijuana for medical purposes. We, who admire you, can not understand why the DOJ has not abide by your words-Now we respectfully urge you to respect the will of the people in Colorado and Washington States.

  7. J.B. Palmer says:

    Mr. Obama, just think where you might be now if you’d been caught with your pot or (felony)your cocaine. Not a good thought…

  8. I took out the phrase “state’s rights” and replaced it with WILL OF THE PEOPLE, as the former is more closely associated with the “state’s rights” excuse used to justify Jim Crow and racist policies. As Michelle Alexander’s book “The New Jim Crow” underscores, the drug war itself is racist (not to mention, bloody, failed and horribly costly).
    My addition/change to the letter is as follows:
    President Obama, we urge you to respect the will of the people of states of Washington and Colorado and to respect the will of the people!

    The drug war, “prohibition” has proven itself to be an abject failure–one that has cost thousands of lives–and one that has in its prosecution fallen heaviest upon people of color, most especially African American men. This is unadulterated racism, as Michelle Alexander makes clear in her book, “The New Jim Crow.”

    As a former user, I KNOW that jail doesn’t work. Compassion, care and access to harm reduction and better programs DOES work. And nearly EVERY drug listed on the Schedule I list has some therapeutic value, abrogating the rationale for such a list’s existence.

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