WWD Network

Join the WWD network

Become an affiliate and earn up to  30% of the print version of the book and 50% on the ebook version.

You can donate part or all of your commission earnings to a selected list of major legalization advocacy groups such as LEAP, NORML or DPA

There are 2 ways to promote World War-D (you can of course use both):

  • Volume discount: 50% off when you buy by the case (18 books)
  • Join the WWD Network (affiliate program)

Commissions are 50% on ebook sales

15% on paperback case sales

30% on paperback retail sales

We encourage our affiliates to donate part of their commission to a selection of legalization activist organizations, with a strong preference for LEAP. The donation can be setup automatically – the WWD network members specify the % of commission they wish to donate and the beneficiary. WWD network members may change their settings at any time.