Petition in support of the controlled legalization of Marijuana in Uruguay

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On June 20, the government of Uruguay announced that it will submit a proposal for the legalization of the sale of marijuana (possession and use of marijuana is already legal in Uruguay). If adopted, Uruguay would become the first country in the world to establish a controlled marketplace for marijuana. We know that pressure must already be building on the Uruguayan government to drop its marijuana legalization project, just like it did on Guatemala and its neighbors last February. We cannot afford to drop the ball on Uruguay.

When you sign the letter underneath, it will be sent with your signature to President José Mujica and the two major opposition parties. Please share this blog  post on Facebook, on Twitter and other social medias or by email.

Remember: This is just a proposal for the time being, and it needs to go thru parliamentary approval. For those you who think that it doesn’t go far enough, that it gives too much control to the government, just think about the uphill battle President José Mujica and his government are facing, and the expected US government’s stonewalling. There is absolutely no guarantee that this proposal will go thru, which is why we need to show our support.

For more impact, you can also tweet to the following:

Presidency of Uruguay: @SCpresidenciauy

Senator Jorge Larrañaga, @guapolarranaga, leader of Alianza Nacional

Pedro Bordaberry, @PedroBordaberry, President of the CEN colorado, was minister of Tourism and Industry in the Government of Jorge Batlle, the first head of state in the world to call for the legalization of all drugs in 2000, shortly after taking office.

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Learn more about the proposal:

The 20 pages declaration published the Uruguayan government:

Learn more about President José Mujica:

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