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World War D – The Case against prohibitionism, roadmap to controlled re-legalization

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Chris Stevens: “An excellent, well researched and convincing read with copious references and follow up material. This book should be compulsory reading for all politicians, judges and police chiefs around the globe.”

Mr. S. K. Allison: “ Jeffrey Dhywood has done his research. My hope is that everyone will read this book and take action. ”
A.R.Torsone: “ I believe this book can change the world.”
Alrey4la: “ I just wish policy-makers would put aside their moral posturing and take the time to read this thorough and rigorous treatise… I have read many books on the topic, but if I had to recommend only one, this would be it. ”

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Gustavo de Grieff – was Attorney General of Colombia and oversaw the capture of Pablo Escobar and the surrender of the Cali Cartel; Gustavo de Grieff is one of the very few high level officials who called for legalization while he was in office: “I find that you have written one of the best books on the drug problem that I have read (and I have read more than thirty books on that subject). For example, your history of prohibition in part 1 is without any doubt the best I have ever read.”“your chapters on possible legalization and regulation and on your counter arguments against it are excellent and I subscribe to them entirely.”

LEAP founder and Chairman, Jack Cole: “It is a very good read and already I can say a very important work. You did a fantastic job. It is up there with the very best drug policy books.”

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  1. If everyone knew the truth about how marijuana got locked into the list of schedule 1 drugs, they would be aghast. When all those currently involved in keeping marijuana illegal have to stand up and be counted, and they will, the money, power, and greed seekers will run and hide and those who are simply uneducated about the truth and facts will feel ashamed that they did not seek the truth. The “War on Drugs” represents very close to a trillion dollars of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product and everyone pays in one way or another, it is inescapable. Just having 2.3 million in jail or prison in the U.S. is an international shame since no other country in the world has so many locked up. Thank God we do not kill our own population, however; when it is estimated that close to 80% of those in jail or prison are there due to alcohol or other chemical use related charges, that is truly a sad commentary on our criminal justice system in total. Have not had the pleasure of reading Jeffrey’s book yet but you can count on it, I certainly will as I am in the process of a series of fact based fiction regarding alcohol and other chemical problems.

  2. The only way to short circuit the mess is for everyone to grow their own and then if there is any left give it away! The reason that the little guys (people) are willing to pay the high price is because they can’t grow it and if they do try growing it costs a lot and may not produce very much or poor quality. Well I will soon solve this problem with a grow method that will let anyone with a little space and good sunlight to grow 6-7 feet plants that produce 5-7 pounds per plant (EVERYTIME) for under fifty dollars after the first plant. It is fun to grow. Watching it grow, trimming, watering, smoking, doesn’t cost a thing when you love it. If there is anyone interrested in and wants to help me get this almost free method out there let me know at Just think if you grow it yourself and one plant equals five pounds or more you and all of your friends will have all the meds you will need forever. What this means is no more taxes, cops, judges, courts, lawyers, and more which is a lot of bull —-! Oh and yes it wiil stop all the thousands of KILLINGS along the borders. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!! With this grow method I have already given away up to seventy five thousand dollars worth at today’s prices already. If you don’t believe it go to and read for yourself. I have given at this dispensery more than once. So there you have it. So if you figure it this way everone could or should I say are going to be knee deep in weed real soon.

  3. A worthy psychology research proposal would be to study why otherwise intelligent people (legislators),will not even consider legalizing marijuana. My personal theory is that the legal drugs (alcohol and tobacco) are legal only because they enjoy general support in society,whereas illegal drugs are seen as being used only by undesirables. It will be interesting,however, to see if the desperate need for new tax revenue in many states will overcome this legislative stubbornness,and allow the legal sale and taxation of pot.

  4. It is long overdue, prohibition does not serve the public, but rather it harms us. There are a 1000 reasons for ending prohibition on pot, but maybe we are missing the point:

    Concerning ALL illegal drugs, including pot:
    – WHY do our politicians refuse to legalise or decriminalise marijuana? – illegal drugs is the 2nd most profitable industry, next only to energy. This creates a dependancy on that money – it has been shown that over 100 banks in the USA alone would crash except for the large amounts of illegal drug money flowing through them – not just deposits and economic activity, but actual LAUNDERING.

    There is $250 Billion per year in illegal drug PROFITS, per year, from the USA market alone. That money has to go somewhere, banks are glad to help out.

    Also conspiratorial is that illegal drug money has, and still is, funding covert CIA activities that could not be funded through congress – you would be convinced this is true if you read “The Politics of Heroin” [book, by Alfred McCoy

  5. I have been in the Cannabis Hemp movement since 1968 and find that all these years of study of the history of Cannabis Hemp I find that for one the government has legalized it, then made it illegal, then allowed the Military to grow it during the WWII, then stopped it growing after WWII. However, I have always wondered if God gave us this herb as with all other herbs to eat or use as food [Genesis 1: ver. 29] then why is the government staying involved in this while secretly applying for and holding on to a patent on the CBDs and giving out false untrue information and data about Cannabis Hemp, So I say we should not be seeking legalization, nor Decrimiinalization, because that shall leave the door open for the government to come along later on and make it illegal again down the road for whatever purpose they at the time might come up with.
    We should be seeking DISGORGEMENT of AL LAWS on Cannabis Hemp [marijuana if you must!] from all law books, as Disgorgement is done when something has been put ini place wrongfully and therein must be torn or ripped out in total and then never to be addressed or discussed or considered for legislation ever again.

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