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World War D – The Case against prohibitionism, roadmap to controlled re-legalization

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Chris Stevens: “An excellent, well researched and convincing read with copious references and follow up material. This book should be compulsory reading for all politicians, judges and police chiefs around the globe.”

Mr. S. K. Allison: “ Jeffrey Dhywood has done his research. My hope is that everyone will read this book and take action. ”
A.R.Torsone: “ I believe this book can change the world.”
Alrey4la: “ I just wish policy-makers would put aside their moral posturing and take the time to read this thorough and rigorous treatise… I have read many books on the topic, but if I had to recommend only one, this would be it. ”

More readers reviews:

Gustavo de Grieff – was Attorney General of Colombia and oversaw the capture of Pablo Escobar and the surrender of the Cali Cartel; Gustavo de Grieff is one of the very few high level officials who called for legalization while he was in office: “I find that you have written one of the best books on the drug problem that I have read (and I have read more than thirty books on that subject). For example, your history of prohibition in part 1 is without any doubt the best I have ever read.”“your chapters on possible legalization and regulation and on your counter arguments against it are excellent and I subscribe to them entirely.”

LEAP founder and Chairman, Jack Cole: “It is a very good read and already I can say a very important work. You did a fantastic job. It is up there with the very best drug policy books.”

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