Drug policy on the move: 2013 as it unfolds

Evo Morales victory for traditional use of coca rights at the UN

2012 appears increasingly as a turning point in the drug policy debate, and the trend seems to be accelerating as we move into 2013. I prepared a presentation of the major events of 2013 in the world as they unfold. The presentation is in reverse chronological order to highlight the most recent developments, and is followed by a recap of the major milestones of 2012 and the events that led to these major breakthroughs. I will keep updating it as we go.

Please let me know if I missed anything. Feel free to add your own events in the comments. And of course, like and share on social networks.

Jeffrey Dhywood
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Author: Jeffrey Dhywood

Jeffrey Dhywood is a European-born investigative writer, lecturer and public speaker, drug policy analyst, author of "World War D – The Case against prohibitionism, roadmap to controlled re-legalization" http://www.world-war-d.com/. Jeffrey Dhywood holds a degree in Mathematical logics (Model Theory). He lived 20 years in the US and is currently living in Latin America. He is also very familiar with Asia, which gives him a good grasp of the global dimension of the War on Drugs, and its global failure. His academic background and his direct experience allows him to bring common sense and sanity to an issue often mired in confusion, misconceptions and preconceptions.

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