A thought for all our friends stuck in superstorm Sandy

As superstorm Sandy moves on, all our thoughts go to our friends in the affected zones. The extent of the destruction caused by superstorm Sandy is humbling. Cars and trucks tossed around like tinder in a stream, flooded subway stations, massive power outage, the most densely populated part of the US turned into post-apocalyptic ghost towns.

The worse part of it is that if global warming is for real, this is just a taste of things to come. With up to 1/3 of the world population living in low-lying areas, can we take the risk of ignoring the repeated warnings of the scientific community? A lot is at stake if they are right, with absolutely no way to change course, no plan B; if they are wrong, most of what needs to be done to mitigate climate change will improve the air we breathe, clean the water we drink and result in net increase in our quality of life.

Author: Jeffrey Dhywood

Jeffrey Dhywood is a European-born investigative writer, lecturer and public speaker, drug policy analyst, author of "World War D – The Case against prohibitionism, roadmap to controlled re-legalization" http://www.world-war-d.com/. Jeffrey Dhywood holds a degree in Mathematical logics (Model Theory). He lived 20 years in the US and is currently living in Latin America. He is also very familiar with Asia, which gives him a good grasp of the global dimension of the War on Drugs, and its global failure. His academic background and his direct experience allows him to bring common sense and sanity to an issue often mired in confusion, misconceptions and preconceptions.

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